You may recall Kody as the parent company of the VOG I got hold of a short while ago.Kody was founded in 1922 by a M. Franck Allot in Besançon, and soon opened offices at 78 rue de Turbigo, Paris IIIe, and then 8, Place de l'Opéra in 1954 before finally moving completely to rue de Temple in Paris, where they are to this day. During the 1950's Kody continued to be a very upmarket Parisian brand, and they are still proud to mention that in 1954 Kody, along with the Union of French Artists, organised an official reception at which the lottery prize was a solid gold Kody valued at a million (old) French Francs. By the end of the 1960's Franck Allot's son Donald was running the company, and with the advent of the quartz revolution he positioned Kody to produce high cost mechanical gold watches. In 1998 Donald Allot sold Kody to one Jean de Laubret, to run alongside his two other high end brands, Rialto and Claude Meylan. To quote Kody verbatim, "Kody continues to serve the retailers by allying it's acumen with the modernity of its products." Kody was very active in promoting it's product from its very inception, and this practise can be seen to be ongoing in the 1960's as this advert, featuring stars of the Moulin Rouge, shows.

My first Kody, which is as it arrived, is a "diver" style from the late 1960's/early 1970's. The non rotating bezel shows wear, probably from being under a shirt cuff for most of its working life, and then are a few faint scratches to the chrome to be polished out.
The watch makes the claim to be 100% waterproof, a surprisingly extreme claim for a basic waterproof case.

The back still needs to be polished up, and shows the results of a previous owner's "amateurish" attempts to open it, probably with a screwdriver!
This version runs a Lorsa P62A/P75A, with quick adjust date. These two movements are visually identical when seen from the back, so an unmarked one such as this is impossible to differentiate without removing the dial to see the keyless works.
The second Kody is from the mid to late1930's and somewhat different from the one above
It's marked as a Kody Cal.10, but obviously there is no actual movement as a Kody Cal.10

 It is in fact a variant of the DuRoWe 318.

This little 8.5''' movement was  one of the first calibres produced, when manufacturing began in 1933, by the Laco owned DuRoWe,  in Pforzheim Germany, this one has a 16 jewel count, and it is a very nice piece of precision engineering, which performs excellently considering it's age.
I have accumulated a number of scans of Kody adverts, and have got hold of an original 1951 Kody price list, together with a 1954 Kody catalogue with numerous colour prints of their watches, a Guarantee Card, and also a selection of invoices and other internal Kody documents from 1954.
Here's a small sample